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the "point of view" argument is stupid. this is not a point of view situation. this is a story that we are experiencing. the writer is the architect, they decide what is good and what is bad. we don't get to decide that, this is not some historical event that has been written by the winner, this is a made up event, told by a story teller, this is not our work, this is thier work and their view of good, and bad, and who is who is the correct one. (one of my fav saying) "star wars is the ultimate battle between good and evil" and if you don't know who is good and who is evil we can take one of two things from this.

1) the writer has done a bad job and not made it clear to the reader who is bad and who is good

2) you are too stupid to realize who is bad and who is good. they model the empire on natzi's and you still can't see who is sposed to be the bad guys

playing a computer game and making the choices you make, is not the same as reading a book or watching a movie, and in the game you can do things that you want to do, and that includes things that would never happen in a real star wars story. so if your saying the empire isn't evil in my story, well thats fine thats your story, but that will never be star wars canon, and the ppl here your having this discussion with will never experience your story so we really can't talk about that.

but real star wars story's its not hard to see who the bad guys are, and when they release the real canon story's for SWTOR. its not going to be some obsure thing the empire will be bad and the republic will be good
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