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Because I felt like it, and because you all made me do it.

This is a spinoff of my main fanfic, "Afterimages." It focuses on the time period between the second and third arcs of that story, and stars the lovely and diabolical Darth Nox. This thread will contain spoilers for both "Afterimages" and the Sith Inquisitor storyline. Expect occasional cameos from the Warrior as well.

Edit: If this sounds interesting, I highly suggest reading "Afterimages" first. This will dive straight into plot without any exposition, and will contain spoilers for that story.

This is primarily comedic in nature, as Nox seems to have a peculiar talent for making any scene that involves her funny. This is not a romance, dammit, but I will gladly add fuel to the fires of shipping. However, I don't want to rehash the same Nox/Ravage bickering over and over again, so other stuff is going to happen too. Shenanigans!

Okay, enough introductions! On with the story!

1. In Which Nox Attempts to Get Some Culture
Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
15 ATC

It was nearing closing time at the museum. Darth Nox was alone as she wandered through the cavernous halls, pausing occasionally to examine one of the displays.

The museum had opened a few months ago, and was dedicated to the Jedi Civil War. That area of history held no special interest for Nox, but she had decided to finally go and see what was there, if only so that A’tro would stop pestering her.

She had to admit that it was rather nice, as far as museums went. Well-organized, interesting displays… The information was horribly biased, of course, but picking out the inaccuracies was half the fun. She leaned over an exhibit featuring a scale replica of the Endar Spire.

“Not half bad,” she commented to herself. “Much more impressive in person, of course, but they’ve got the details right.”

“I didn’t think history was your thing, Nox,” said a voice from behind her.

“I could say the same for you, Ravage,” Nox replied without turning around.

“I, unlike you, am a well-educated individual.”

“You’d be surprised by my level of education.”

“Yes, no doubt there’s even less than I would have expected. Frankly, I’m surprised you’re even literate.”

“You’re going to try a little harder than that to get under my skin,” Nox said cheerfully.

“The only thing I want to go through your skin is my lightsaber.”

“If we’re going to fight, would you mind waiting until we get outside? The Wrath will have fits if we wreck this place.”

“Actually, I only came here to look at the museum.”

Nox finally turned to face him. “Because you’re interested, or because you knew I’d be here?” she asked coyly.

Ravage rolled his eyes. “Hard as this may be to believe, the galaxy does not revolve around you.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t know about that,” Nox said. “Why else do you keep popping up wherever I happen to be?”

“Coincidence,” Ravage said with dignity.

“It had better be,” Nox muttered. “As flattered as I am by the thought of having a stalker, I generally give those to Khem.”

“And where is your monster tonight?” Ravage asked, looking around.

Nox smirked at him. “Afraid he’ll come after you? No need to fret—he’s back at my chambers in the Citadel.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I only expend the effort of lying on people whose opinions actually matter to me.”

“You should be a little more respectful to someone who could kill you as easily as breathing,” Ravage warned.

Nox raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t you try that once? Remind me how that worked out for you, again?”

Ravage took a step forward. “You don’t have your Dashade to hide behind this time.”

“I thought you didn’t believe me when I said he wasn’t here.”

“I believe a great many things.”

“That’s a stupid answer,” Nox informed him.

Ravage smiled and reached for his lightsabers.

“Ah ah ah,” Nox said, holding up a hand. “Outside, if you please. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want the Wrath after me for demolishing her new favorite museum.”

“Of course,” Ravage murmured. He gestured towards the nearest exit. “You first.”

“What, so you can stab me in the back?” Nox scoffed. “Not going to happen.”

“All right,” Ravage said. “Look, I’m not really in the mood for a fight to the death tonight. Why don’t we part ways and pretend this never happened?”

“Suits me,” Nox said. She pointed down one hall. “I’m going this way.”

“Then I’m going that way,” Ravage said, and headed in the opposite direction.

Nox shook her head. That was a surprisingly civilized discussion. It’s not like Ravage to just walk away like that. I’m not sure what to make of it.Well, if he thinks I’ll let my guard down because he pretends to be polite this one time, he’s gravely mistaken.

She resumed her study of the exhibit.

Short first chapter, I know. Don't worry, there will be more. This isn't an intricately plotted arc like "Afterimages", but I do have an outline to keep track of my ideas.
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