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Why are the empire fighting against there own again?

In all honesty it is so far beyond a joke that so much of this content is empire vs empire that I wonder if the writers don't just get rid of the Imperial faction completely.


Can we please start to see something of the Galactic conflict of the Republic Vs The Empire. The writing has become bad fan fiction with constantly just having every Sith in the entire galaxy turning against each other to the point that there is nothing left of the Sith Empire from the timeline videos. Can we stop with the over played evil turning on its own and start looking at Imperial Characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn for inspiration.
It's because the Sith are evil and selfish and do not want to share power with anyone.
Sith fighting each other is part of the lore, look how many times we hear stories of Apprentices killing their Masters as a Final test, or just simple hate or greed; or constant executions of 'weak' Sith.
Yes they are self destructive and thus they always lose, but that is what defines Sith and they shouldn't change Sith philosophy, just because you don't like it.
Even if the empire had tons of great admirals, it wouldn't change anything. It's just like Elara Dorne said: The Imperial military was supposed to stand for honor and discipline. But my superiors discarded those concepts any time a Sith asked it.
The only way for the Empire to win this war would be to completely cast out all the Sith. Maybe do their own version of 'Order 66', just on all the Sith , and once the Sith are gone the Empire can start seeing some reason for once. But then again If Empire will be under Reasonable leadership, what's the point of fighting the Republic? xD Unless maybe for resources or something...