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09.10.2012 , 08:48 PM | #45
Why do most of the armors have so much useless crap hanging off of it? for instance, what I think is the Smuggler class (bottom all the way right), why does the helmet have shards of metal sticking out of it? And the Sith Inquisitor, again with the excess metal? Did he wake up covered in Krazy glue then fall into a pile of scrap metal? Looks way too messy and just plain thrown together. The Jedi Knight's/Sith Warrior's armor would look okay, if the Warrior didn't have that Skyrim/Oblivion-esque helmet and the Knight didn't have the shoulder pads that look like 1970s banana bicycle seats. Consular's robes are way too flared to be robes at all. They look more like flared skirts, and that's not right at all for any male consulars out there.And when you look at his armor as a whole, everything looks like it's supposed to be neat & streamlined, then you get down to his boots, which are wrapped in Ace bandages at the calf.

The only armors that look even remotely good are the Troopers and the Agent. Bounty Hunter would be in the good looking category if it wasn't for the coat tail. I know some BH armor in-game at the moment has this same design, and I don't like that either. Maybe BioWare should think about hiring some consultants that worked as costume designers for the Star Wars films & other sci-fi media IN THE GENRE (Firefly/Serenity & Farscape off the top of my heads).

At the very least have a contest where some of the players that may have experience in 3D design showcase their costume designs, post them on the forums and let US pick what we want to see. As an added bonus, BW gets a new (talented) employee and one of your players gets a sweet job. At the end of the day, I hope this was just a leak of fake update armor because this looks horrible and whoever put their stamp of approval on it should retire from game design immediately.