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09.10.2012 , 08:31 PM | #43
Why can't the development team get that people get attached to their characters, and that's what keeps the playing an MMO. It's one simple idea which they just can't get through their thick heads!

If I can't stand to look at my character, I won't want to play the game. It's just that simple.

The art of the gear, has to be one area where no compromises can be made. Don't they have a focus group to consult about their art style and direction? How did these armor sets even make past concept? How have they not gotten the hint that people hate these sets? I haven't seen anyone wearing them on my server, only the odd bit here and there while someone was grinding credits to extract the mods, that's it. Don't they have metrics to show them this stuff?

Why would they think it's a good idea, after such a long period of time without content updates, to give us more of what the masses have come out and very clearly stated, "This armor is ugly, get rid of it." how much more clear could we have made it?

I'd love to hear what the dev team has to say about this. I bet the reasoning would be hilarious.

If they do indeed have a focus group for this stuff, they need to lay them off and bring in some actual Star Wars fans, and actual players of TOR. Because anyone who gives the OK on this stuff, needs to have his head examined.
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