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I was actually surprised how easy it is to play light side for empire characters.

I tend to play light side for most of my characters in any game, but I do RP, so I can have dark side characters if there is a reason.

I often get interested in characters and factions in a game, and make an alt based on that.

Betrayed, tortured, sold into slavery, her connection to the force discovered, she gladly accepted the chance to train as a Sith, full of hate she made an excellent acolyte. Thinking of this background, I can play her hating all the republic, all the empire, only finding mercy for those she can relate too, slaves, those betrayed, innocents. I have never had a problem with the results of her decisions, unless it's those times where the text doesn't match the actions.

The end of the Black Talon has one of those questionable light side dark side choices.

I know those aren't spoilers for 99% of us, but just for those 1%

None of my characters are 100% light side though, I can't play basing my decisions on the points, romance just doesn't figure as dark side in my books for one