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Quote: Originally Posted by oredith View Post
why bother ss in game when i can just link in torhead?
Ok, I was slacking, I'll give you that one, but that does'nt make your statement correct.

Death field is a part of the madness tree which is one of few abilities that does internal damage (so called tank killer trees because they mainly deal internal damage) Lethality, madness, advanced prototype arsenal, annihilation are other type of these trees and are exceptions, now how about the 66% of the attacks that aren't internal damage (most dps classes have 1 internal damage tree with 2-4 abilities that deal internal damage while the rest don't)?

(I'm pretty sure you know you've lost aswell, you're just doing it because your stubborn as hell, because it's obvious very few of the force attacks/tech attacks are internal/elemental damage, everyone knows this)

Remember this was your statement we're discussing:

Quote: Originally Posted by oredith View Post
yay, again we have the "heavy armor" argument!

please remind me again how helpful that heavy armor is against force attacks?
Yet when I hover over my abilities on all my characters I barely can find force attacks that aren't kinetic/energy, strange.