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Quote: Originally Posted by oredith View Post
there's actually only 4 damage types: internal, energy, elemental, and kinetic.
There are 4 attack types: Melee, Ranged, Tech, and Force

you are mixing up your terminalogy, and/or choosing to misread mine.

i didn't say "force damage", i said force attack.

if you want to be more technical about it, armor only defends against energy and and kinetic damage - ie, the 2 types of damage not done by most force attacks.
And, how surprising, you're wrong again. There are 5 types of damage, as I listed, check your abilities. And also "force attacks" are pretty much always kinetic or energy (unless they're a dot)

For the luls: I dare you to find an ability that is "force attack" (and is not a dot) and doesn't do kinetic or energy damage, don't come back without a screenshot in-game, ty.

And also, you don't need to say what I just said in your posts, doesn't make any sense

Quote: Originally Posted by tehrealdealz View Post
Yes, but you have to understand the tradeoff. I wouldn't say our damage is overpowered. You wanna see overpowered damage I dare you to 1v1 a marauder in full war hero gear and watch as your health bar literally disappears in a matter of seconds.

I'm really glad that you guys dont work for BW/EA or we'd see every single class nerfed into the ground cause it's damage was "overpowered". In every mmo i've played it's always been the same thing. Everyone's class is overpowered but your own. No. Vanguard is perfectly fine where its at. And like I said before, if any class will get nerfed it's going to be the marauder.
The game isn't balanced around 1v1 that has been stated over 100 times by BioWare (from a 1v1 point of view I would even go as far as saying pyro powertech is underpowered, but that's not what we're discussing), and the damage output from a pyro powertech is too high compared to other classes because of 1. high crit chance 2. easy resource management 3. powerful dots 4. hard hitting abilities. A pyro powertech can replace and do a better job than any dps class in the game, together with marauder and sniper.