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How useful is heavy armor against force attacks? You're serious? You hide behind good language but it's obvious you lack basic knowledge of the game.

Try playing a class with light armor then you'll realize how important heavy armor is.

Saying vanguard isn't overpowered is wrong. It's overpowered in terms of damage, it has low sruvivability, sure, but it still has a bit too high damage (as many others in this game, cough marauders and snipers)

/guy with war hero powertech/war hero marauder/war hero assassin/war hero sniper/war hero operative
Yes, but you have to understand the tradeoff. I wouldn't say our damage is overpowered. You wanna see overpowered damage I dare you to 1v1 a marauder in full war hero gear and watch as your health bar literally disappears in a matter of seconds.

I'm really glad that you guys dont work for BW/EA or we'd see every single class nerfed into the ground cause it's damage was "overpowered". In every mmo i've played it's always been the same thing. Everyone's class is overpowered but your own. No. Vanguard is perfectly fine where its at. And like I said before, if any class will get nerfed it's going to be the marauder.