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Agreed. I think that's why most players think a Vanguard is "OP". We deal our damage up front BUT the trade off is our low to zero survivability when focused. Only defensive CD we got is a crappy shield on a 2 min CD and a crappy HoT that sometimes you wonder if it is even healing you it does so little healing. Basically, a Vanguard has no outs in pvp. No cloak, no force speed, no self healing. We are the one class that you will find yourself dying ALOT in WZs when focused. Bottom line EA/BW knows this im sure and will leave Vanguard the way it is.
I think you PT/Vanguard guys are in denial. You just got jacked. At this point you are on rough parity with Merc Pyros. Who were already the worst dps subclass in the game. And then got nerfed again in 1.4. Under the 1.4 mechanics PTs are going to be dog food for concealment dps. Of which there will be MANY.