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Quote: Originally Posted by Asukaa View Post
With the best gear, a VG/Pyro can take out about 2 people within 10 secs of lucky bursts.
i was with you up until this point.

10s = 6 GCD. lets say 7. even giving you a freebie up front, 8 abilities.

you will only be able to use thermal detonator once.

so, you open with:
  • incendiary missile
  • thermal detonator
  • railshot
  • (assuming you're in range now)rocket punch
  • railshot
assuming all 5 crits, and you're in WH gear, vs. a recruit, it is possible that you just killed him

now let's review where you're at.

you've now used up 5 of your 8 GCDs, with 3 to go, no thermal detonator, and prototype particle accelerator is now on cooldown, and won't be up again within the time you have.

so now, you have no rail shot, no rocket punch, no thermal detonator.

explain to me how you're going to kill the 2nd guy in recruit gear with 3 abilities?

gross exaggeration only makes your entire argument less credible.
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