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Since playing the VG to see what all the complaints were about... I can see it. With my VG I don't do more dps than other classes, but I deal all my dmg up front in 1 string of bursts. No one can really survive it excepts tanks. I think that's what people hate 1v1. But when in a cluster f * ck of people ae'ing and maybe one range focusing me, I don't stay up all that long, actually I stay up for a decent amount of time if my shield cd is up. Nothing close to mara's/sents or shadows/sins tho.

Most classes ramp up to their burst, VG's/Pyro's burst is immediate. With the best gear, a VG/Pyro can take out about 2 people within 10 secs of lucky bursts. It is a bit "wth!?" but after that they don't have any ammo and are sitting ducks for a good while. I don't think BW/EA really understand the mechanics as I believe devs don't really know how to play any classes in PVP. I don't think they care for PVP at all. Look at all the future plans they have... PVE based with 1 measly wz thrown out there for pvper's.
Agreed. I think that's why most players think a Vanguard is "OP". We deal our damage up front BUT the trade off is our low to zero survivability when focused. Only defensive CD we got is a crappy shield on a 2 min CD and a crappy HoT that sometimes you wonder if it is even healing you it does so little healing. Basically, a Vanguard has no outs in pvp. No cloak, no force speed, no self healing. We are the one class that you will find yourself dying ALOT in WZs when focused. Bottom line EA/BW knows this im sure and will leave Vanguard the way it is.