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09.10.2012 , 01:43 PM | #12
Since playing the VG to see what all the complaints were about... I can see it. With my VG I don't do more dps than other classes, but I deal all my dmg up front in 1 string of bursts. No one can really survive it excepts tanks. I think that's what people hate 1v1. But when in a cluster f * ck of people ae'ing and maybe one range focusing me, I don't stay up all that long, actually I stay up for a decent amount of time if my shield cd is up. Nothing close to mara's/sents or shadows/sins tho.

Most classes ramp up to their burst, VG's/Pyro's burst is immediate. With the best gear, a VG/Pyro can take out about 2 people within 10 secs of lucky bursts. It is a bit "wth!?" but after that they don't have any ammo and are sitting ducks for a good while. I don't think BW/EA really understand the mechanics as I believe devs don't really know how to play any classes in PVP. I don't think they care for PVP at all. Look at all the future plans they have... PVE based with 1 measly wz thrown out there for pvper's.