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Heh, yeah, that was the first thing that came to mind after I posted: "Huh, maybe a patch note just went up..." D'oh!

As for the change, I'm trying to visualize it. Obviously any "gap closing" rotation went right out the window. This feels very unbalanced as "other melee" classes have a gap closer whether it be a charge, a sprint or an ambush from steath. However, we still have Harpoon, which may now be considered a viable opener, abet on a very long cooldown. Hrmm...

This obviously doesn't change our rotation or damage once we're in range, which is the biggest complaint players have.
You won't need a gap closer against melee classes because naturally they will come to you in order to dish out damage. Like I said the biggest encounter that these changes will affect is with snipers, as good ones will be able to put out a considerable amount of damage on you before you get in range for your burst rotation, not to mention they have multiple knockbacks/stuns in order to keep you out of that 10m range. If you catch that sniper out of cover though and can pull him/her in, then game on.