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Well, the Empire is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by a personality cult and governed by scheming, back-stabbing individuals who only look out for themselves and their own interests. It's rather like real life but turned up about two places on the "Oh god" metre. Social Darwinism certainly comes into play and they do employ slavery and speciesm, but as has been demonstrated it is possible to overcome those boundaries - even the Empire itself is looking at evolving past that to an extent.

Are they evil? Yeah, probably. They most certainly are from an outsider's point of view. From inside? Business as usual; it's the Sith way.

Basically you're asking about a universal concept of morality versus the actual application of morality and how it becomes quickly relative.

I've not played the Republic, but I can easily imagine that they have similar "evils" as the Empire, they're just more hypocritical about it.