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09.10.2012 , 11:47 AM | #1
Been reading alot of posts lately about how "overpowered" the Vanguard class is and how the damage is so "unbalanced" compared to other classes. First and foremost, ive been playing my Vanguard for roughly 4-5 months now and I can tell you without a doubt we are NOT "overpowered" by any means. Let me explain why. The Vanguard class has absolutely ZERO survivability compared to other classes (talking about the assault tree here btw since I think thats what people are complaining about). We dont have a sprint. We dont have a force cloak. We can't heal ourselves.

Basically with the Vanguard class there is no Fight or Flight option for us. When I engage the enemy on my Vanguard I know either im going to get killed or i'm going to kill them. That's all. EA/BW i'm sure sees this as well that is why they will NOT nerf the Vanguard. As far as our damage goes, if you compare it to say a Marauder, Shadow Tank, hell even a good operative, you'll find that the Vanguard is way way behind those classes in both damage AND survivability.

So to all those players hoping for some kind of nerf to the Vanguard you're going to have to wait until the Marauder gets nerfed first before any changes happen to the Vanguard. Sorry but when I read some of these posts it sounds like a L2P issues to me. Anyway just my two cents.