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09.10.2012 , 08:13 AM | #1269
I see your point, Kioma, and that may be part of it. But at the most, they can only hope to delay when the eventual (pardon my Bocce) sh*tstorm will occur. No matter what they implement, there will be a flood of rage on the forums. It is a curse endemic to the MMO community, and anyone who has been involved for any time would know to expect it.

We do already know that not all companions will available for same-gender romance, so your example is apt. That will, I do not doubt, be a point of furious contention that will light up this thread like nothing since the bombing of Dresden. And no doubt there are other points which, regardless of the choices made, will be as contentious,

Perhaps, then, if we want this thread to continue to be relevant and useful, we can talk about various ways this could be implemented -- that is, about matters that are likely to still be fluid at this point of development.

Yesterday, someone expressed a hope, for example, that SGR content would be available through an optional cash-shop purchase, a notion that has arisen from time to time and one that must present a certain degree of temptation from a financial perspective for those concerned with SWTOR as a business.

But I daresay that "Pay 2 Gay" would be wildly unpopular, with many who have looked forward to SGR being so bitterly demoralized that they would leave the game without so much as a "been good to know you."

What else is there along this vein we could discuss? I still plan to post a summary of what we know vs. what is still unanswered, and perhaps we can sift discussion matters from that, while reminding The Powers That Be what are, to us, the most salient points of uncertainty.