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At this point BW has to have details they could give us, but for their own reasons they don't feel they can. I still think at least part of it is concerns about the coverage of the release of SGR snowballing in the current media climate.
On another possible note, they may have decided upon feature details and, as you say, done them to the point where SGRAs could very nearly be put in, and may be putting off telling us about these details to avoid a big rush of negativity about how they're going to be implemented. Let's be clear - I don't just mean the anti-SGRA people. I don't just mean raiders and PvPers who want their features implemented first. I mean us, as well.

They may be avoiding a situation such as the following:

BW:A: "So we're putting in SGRAs in the next month, we know you've all been waiting a long time, and they'll be for the companions Jim, Wendy, Bruce, Lisa, Mark and Daria -"

Enraged Fan: "WHAT?? Daria's not a lesbian! No way, she couldn't be for THIS reason and THAT reason and THE OTHER reason..."

BW:A: "Um... She's our character."

Enraged Fan: "WELL OBVIOUSLY you know nothing about <sexuality> because if you did there'd be THESE tell-tale signs in place already..."

Other Enraged Fan: "You're not putting them in for Iktueb the Mighty? Iktueb's totally gay. There's <tiny bit of dialogue that could be taken any number of ways> that PROVES he's hot for men!"

BW:A: "Uh... Why did we decide to announce this, again..?"

My main point is that while we can point out any number of factors and groups external to the pro-SGRA folk that might be causing them consternation, we are very likely on the list of Potential Negative Backlash sources, too.
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