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09.10.2012 , 06:25 AM | #1265
(It would appear my last post was deleted after I went to bed, so my apologies for whatever flame war my opinions apparently started.)

Uluain, from what you're saying, this "don't talk about SGRA's until we have combed through every tiny iota and letter that you are using to make sure it's as neutral as possible" policy seems very reminiscent of the super injunctions you can get in the UK (although I'm not sure if they're still around). For those who don't know, super injunctions prevent anyone (media, politicians, members of the general public) from talking about a certain event and they also prevent the existence of the super injunction being talked about - doing either is actually a criminal act. Obviously by their very nature super injunctions are ludicrous and do more harm than good. This "everything must be perfect" in-house policy seems to be having a very similar effect.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the best the Community Team will never be able to talk to us about whether or not this policy is in affect, but one can deduce that it most likely is. It's a pity that someone's attempt at doing the right thing has actually led to so much disillusionment among players about the subject.

(I'm off to Sainsbury's now, please let me know why this post gets deleted later. Ta.)