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On MONDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and KHEM VAL.

T7-01 and KHEM VAL are out of the room at the moment. A corrupt human Sith walks in. He is brown-haired, with a little brown tendril of a beard, and a dramatic tattoo surrounding one eye.
OVERSEER HARKUN: You! Worms! Pay attention!
OVERSEER HARKUN: My master has sent me to select suitable candidates from among you slaves for training.
BABY KIRA: But we're not slaves.
OVERSEER HARKUN: I don't want to hear your excuses. You!
OVERSEER HARKUN: You look very slave-like.
BABY VETTE: No, I don't.
OVERSEER HARKUN: Yes, you really do. You will come with me to Korriban for training.
BABY VETTE: At what, exactly? I'm not Force sensitive.
OVERSEER HARKUN: I was sent here to recruit, but this place is full of non-slaves who are also not Force sensitive. I wonder if Lord Zash is putting me on again…
YOUNG BOWDAAR: I AM A SLAVE. For what it's worth.
OVERSEER HARKUN: Yes, but you're not very well Force sensitive, now are you?
BABY VETTE: I'm afraid he doesn't have any other attributes.
OVERSEER HARKUN: Useless, all of you.
BABY XALEK: Some of us are Force sensitive. What are you offering?
OVERSEER HARKUN: A grueling course of training that will probably kill the lot of you worthless k'lor'slugs.
BABY ASHARA: Your sales pitch could use some work.
OVERSEER HARKUN: Well, your alternative is returning to soul-crushing, body-shattering slavery.
BABY ASHARA: No, it isn't.
BABY VETTE: Like we said. Not slaves.
BABY ASHARA: Your sales pitch needs work and you're also bad at improvising when the situation leaves your script behind.
BABY XALEK: Get back to the grueling training. Do we get to kill the other worthless k'lor'slugs?
OVERSEER HARKUN: That's a slightly complicated question when you look at the rules and the sudden, arbitrary exceptions. On the face of it, no.
BABY XALEK: So, 'yes.'
OVERSEER HARKUN: You might be trouble, boneface.
BABY KIRA: Are you even supposed to be here, mister…?
OVERSEER HARKUN: Harkun. Overseer Harkun. I go where my master bids me, and I'm here to find some scum that might live long enough to make an apprentice.
BABY KIRA: What I'm getting at is, where are Mister Khem Val and Mister Teeseven?
KHEM VAL sprints into the room and stops short to loom over OVERSEER HARKUN, grinning toothily.
KHEM VAL: I should have known it was you who sabotaged my speeder this morning. Your pranks bore me, little Sith.
OVERSEER HARKUN: B-bored means not angry or hungry, right?
KHEM VAL: Incorrect.
BABY XALEK: Eat him! Eat him!
BABY KIRA: I thought you wanted to go with him to a grueling training thing?
BABY XALEK: I'm entertained either way.
KHEM VAL, shaking OVERSEER HARKUN: What have you done with Teeseven?
OVERSEER HARKUN: I shocked him a lot. I don't have all that many tricks, really. He'll recover.
KHEM VAL: Wait a minute. You attacked him and he'll recover?
OVERSEER HARKUN: I-I- I chose to spare him because he…he wasn't worth my time. Yes.
BABY ASHARA: Hey, anybody else notice that he's completely peppered with blaster wounds from the knees down?
KHEM VAL: You are too weak to permanently defeat a trash can. Let that be your shame.
OVERSEER HARKUN: M-My living, breathing, not-devoured shame. Right?
KHEM VAL: Only because I'm not supposed to kill people while I’m on the job. Leave. You will take no apprentices.
OVERSEER HARKUN: Can I at least take the slave?
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