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...If SGR is coming this year they have to have it more or less done now. If that's true than it means an announcement is just a matter of PR types deciding on timing.
I believe there to be an element of this involved, certainly. How much of one I cannot guess, but over the past month or so while I have been trying different avenues of approach to get some sort of acknowlegement of this thread I have specifically presented my inferences regarding overarching policies which restrict comment on same-gender content.

Those enquiries were not acknowleged, neither to confirm nor to refute them. My inference is that there are, in fact, such policies, that the community team needs to clear anything they say on the subject, and that one of the things they cannot discuss is any such policy itself. I can kinda see it, as a means of keeping a cap on controversy, and it has all the earmarks of a policy enacted regardless of how its application would appear.

What I did get through with was discussing the appearance of prejudicial or discriminatory treatment that arise from the silence on the subject and its quarantine without (at that point) any BioWare staff replies. From my conversations, I can completely absolve the Community Team of discriminatory motives. It therefore seems evident that yes, some PR heavies have decided to sit on this pretty hard for the time being.