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Weren't there already problems with the Hutts? Something about people having issues with the types of stereos in the Clone Wars CGI movie.
Yes, this was Ziro the Hutt, who was voiced to sound like Truman Capote which caused a big fuss at the time about unfortunate gay stereotypes. My take on it is that if anyone in that situation were perpetrating unfortunate gay stereotypes it was Truman Capote.

I personally take no comfort from what the hermaphroditic nature of Hutt reproduction argues for their sexuality. As much as I hate to feel like a schoolyard dodge-ball captain, I don't want them on our team.

But back to the subject at hand.

Folks, I think we are going to need to remember what we were told in March -- that we are unlikely to get any status updates or new information on SGRs until they are a lot closer to going in. They very much prefer to keep the focus on content that is immanent, and right now this means 1.4 and F2P. Now, the Dev Team could surprise us, but other than keeping the home fires burning here to keep interest evident and to bring new players up to speed on what we know, patience is what I advise.

Goodness knows, I get impatient, too. It's a damnable situation all around. But remember that a week ago we had people who were sure that this project had been abandoned with the move to F2P, and even the more optimistic were questioning whether what we had been told already still held true and whether this topic were at the attention of the developers. We have had confirmation on those points, and the community team has demonstrated they do know we are here.

That's not nothing. True, it doesn't give us anything new, but it's something to hang onto rather than backsliding into total uncertainty. And I think it is as much as we can reasonably hope for until some of the next big stuff -- Operation, Warzone, F2P, HK-51 etc. -- has been implemented. Given that we were told to expect this "this year", however, if we don't at least get a major status update by year's end, I think we'll be justified in expecting one.