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Was on the forums for about a year before launch. Never in the beta though. These forums used ti be a lot better, so much more positive thinking and general fun.

/sigh... Sometimes I wish the game had never come out.
Yeah, I've been here since well before beta and all we did back then was talk about what we hoped for and how we thought that they could do this or that, and it was generally positive stuff.
It wasn't all joy and sunshine, though. Sure, there was hope, but there were plenty of disagreements, too.

But I guess it really didn't matter. None of it.

The old boards were, I think, just a place designed to keep our attention until launch, not a place for us to offer any useful suggestions for the game itself.

Consider the gigantic 'mini-games' thread.
Fast-forward to now and we have yet to even be able to play a friendly game of pazaak with one of our companions.
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