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Ravvok cut through every security wall and guard he could. His breath was running out, and he realized his respirator was shut off. The suit of armor had a respirator built into it to support a large gash that e recieved on a mission to Denova. The cut had damaged his lungs, so the respirator was put into his armor. Activaing it, Ravvok found it much easier to breathe. He kept searching the ship.

Meanwhile, Rako was hunting for Ravvok. After the Sith took his lightsabers back, Rako knew he was an immediate threat. He contacted Rafaesh, wishing to alert him of Ravvok's escape. Rafaesh, this is Rako. Ravvok has escaped and I can't locate him. Get the elites to find him or he'll try to destroy the ship. Rako stopped dead when a sudden realization came to him. He's not going for the ship's reactor... He's going after the diplomat
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