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In which Broonmark is hilarious... I love that guy!

“Are you a girl or a boy?” Malavai asked Broonmark one evening over dinner.

The Captain sputtered next to him, Jaesa giggled behind her hand, Vette chuckled, Syla grinned, and Pierce laughed outright. Broonmark blinked his eyes in a rapid pattern then blorrped something.

“I have no idea what that means,” Malavai replied.

The Captain pulled out his datapad and handed it to Malavai. He kicked his legs happily as he fiddled with the Talz to Basic translator. Then he giggled quietly.

“That’s silly,” Malavai said, still giggling.

The Captain peered over Malavai’s head and balked at what was translated.

“That entirely inappropriate!” the Captain said with a huff.

“What does it say?” Jaesa asked, snatching the datapad from Quinn. “Oh, my stars! That’s hilarious!”

“I like you Broonmark!” Malavai piped happily.

Broonmark blorrped.

“He likes you, too,” Jaesa translated.

“I make aaaaaaallllllll the frieeeeennnnnnnnnnnnds!!”

“Be quiet and finish your dinner,” Quinn said stiffly.
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