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In which there is a split... somehow...

Pinpointing the side effects of the Captain’s split from Malavai was rather difficult. The only changes appeared to be physical, in the shape of a four year old version of the Captain with an abnormal amount of energy and smiles. And he was an active little thing. One afternoon, he rewired Twovee to curse out the Captain every time he walked by. The Captain was not amused. He called Malavai to the bridge to reprimand him.

“Malavai,” he said stiffly, “stop fiddling with the droid!”

“You’re just mad because he called you an arse,” Malavai piped cheerfully.

“Where did you learn such language?” the Captain asked with a huff.

“Well, I’ve lived in your head for the last thirty-four years and Quinn is a potty mouth.”

The Captain sighed. He should have known.

“How did I get out of your head anyway?” the little boy mused.

“That doesn’t matter at this point.”

The little boy shrugged then ran off.

“Leave the droid alone!” the Captain yelled after Malavai.

“No promises!”

The Captain sighed forlornly. At least he wasn’t alone with Malavai. He had no idea how to deal with children let alone a small version of himself. Is this what fatherhood would be like? He shuddered at the thought. Perhaps he should get fixed. Just in case. Maybe he should talk to Jaesa first. Yes, that.
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