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I blame bright for her encouragement on this...
That's 'cause she likes me! All the ladies do!
This will start off with a cross post from the Story Challenge thread and go from there. Updates will be sporadic, but adorable. Re-enjoy. Or enjoy for the first time.

In which Malavai can fllllllllly...

“What’cha doin’ Captain?” Malavai asked curiously, popping out from a console.

The aforementioned Captain barely suppressed the girlish scream quickly rising from his lungs.

“Malavai!” the Captain shouted angrily.

The little boy tittered then scampered away, off the bridge and to the medical bay where Jaesa was busy restocking supplies.

“Heeey pretty lady!” he said excitedly.

She turned to him and smiled.

“Hello there, handsome,” she giggled lightly.

“I scared the Captain again,” he announced proudly.

“You did not scare me!” the Captain shouted from the bridge.

Malavai stifled a laugh behind his hands while Jaesa laughed openly. Then he was off, presumably to jump on Broonmark and pick tiny insects from the giant for his bug collection. It was strange having what used to be a part of the Captain running about the ship as if he had always been there. In a way he had. It was still weird. Really weird. But she was enjoying every minute of it and so was the Captain, though he refused to admit it and glared at her anytime she brought it up. With a small smile she made her way to the bridge.

“Hey Captain,” Jaesa said lightly in greeting.

“Is Malavai off terrorizing someone else?” he asked stiffly.

Jaesa laughed lightly. “Yeah, I think he’s picking Broonmark for insects.”

The Captain sighed and muttered a curse under his breath. Malavai was so eager to have a pet of some kind, but he always forgot to feed them. Or poke holes in their containers. Or to not burn them with magnifying glasses. Stars, he was sadistic even as a child. A happy squeal broke into his thoughts.

“Toss me further, Uncle Pierce!” Malavai squealed happily.

“Oh, no, not again,” the Captain said, exasperated.

Jaesa and the Captain left the bridge as quickly as possible to find Broonmark and Pierce tossing a giggling Malavai to each other.

“Put me… I mean him down,” the Captain said angrily.

“Let the boy have some fun, you stick-in-mud,” Pierce said happily. Then he tossed Malavai to Broonmark.

“Blorrrrp,” Broonmark agreed, catching Malavai with practiced ease.

“Wheeeeeeeee!!” Malavai shouted happily.

“Oh for fu-,” the Captain muttered unhappily, stopping only when Jaesa pinched his ribs.

“Let him have some fun,” she pleaded with a small pout.

He slumped his shoulders a small amount. He could never win.
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