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Oh, and not to mention bounties of the enemy faction running into player bases that were decked out with mines, turrets, and npc. That was always quite interesting.
Yea i suppose, but I definitely don't want the Bh class to be constantly under the microscope due to people whining about getting beat'n left and right. Then every other patch there is a nerf or buff to the class due to it. Plus like I said earlier that originally fit into the story line in swg because during that time period there wasn't supposed to be many jedi, so they were hunted. Never played past NGE so couldn't comment beyond the rumored 'any player' bounty v Jedi player bounty. But IMO that sounds like a terrible idea anyway, and how would you incorporate a jedi player bounty into this game? I cant think of a good way personally, story wise, it just doesn't make much sense. Let alone non-jedi/sith bounties.