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I've found for me that different classes have different responses to the questions. Both the Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior have felt like my story in the way that were I in their shows I feel I'd respond the way the do. Both have offered me opportunities that if I was living in that setting I would walk away from or take advantage of and I've been able to play my characters accordingly.

On the other hand, my Smuggler which was the first story I played felt nothing like my story. It wasn't that the choices weren't there or the motivations but that the whole storyline felt too unoriginal. All I could feel whilst playing it was that I was playing some distant ancestor of Han Solo. I've got a ship that feels far too much like the Falcon, a crew that feels too much like A New Hopes assortment (A wookie, a princess, a novice Jedi, an annoying droid) and I seem to be suffering much of his misfortune such as a bounty being placed on my head by a crime lord who has a hideout on Tatooine and being pulled into fighting for the good guys regardless of whether or not I want to. Of all the storylines it just felt like I was given the least amount of chance to shape my character and the smuggling side of it felt more akin to being the FedEx guy. I love Han Solo but that didn't mean I wanted a storyline like his rather than my own.
Wedge: "I don't like this notion of dovin basal mines that pursue you."
Han: "Me, either. I'm going to draft a strongly worded letter to the Yuuzhan Vong high commander and insist he stop using them."