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09.07.2012 , 10:14 PM | #55
Scoundrels are better than gunslinger? I wonder 2 things.

As a new player, just 1 month on swtor... I created a smuggler, when I got 10 level, I googled and everybody, not even 1 topic writes that scoundrels are better than gunslingers... So I wanted a pure dps class and pick the gunslinger. I am happy with it.

1st) why bioware gave the highest dps to scoundrels, while they have the options to be healers also... It is something similar to shadows... consularís... Tank/damage but nobody plays with u if you are not a tank.. Or healing/damage

2nd) gunslinger is pure dps talent trees, no other alternatives... you all sound funny when you downgrade gunslingers versus scoundrels. Or bioware is funny after all..

ps: havent played scoundrel though... I dont want people demanding me to be a healer.. I preffer to curse them than heal them.. lol... But from what I read here... Scoudrels are identical with shadows... strong stealth back hits and thats it...