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TBH, most the RP i see in cantina are twookers, c******s and pimps. Then the sith who like to sit around getting drunk. I see some odd crap and I chose to ignore it unless someone bothers me. It's like people became sith as an excuse for debauchery.
Given the nature of some Sith (not all, not by a long shot) that is a fairly valid excuse for rolling a Sith. I don't condone their actions, but of all the classes they COULD have picked, a Sith definitely suits their, ah... Tastes... better than any other. It sounds like you've rolled a character on what may possibly be the most sleazy and depraved server I have ever heard of. Progenitor doesn't seem to have anything like that.

It's a real shame some Sith are like that, but I and others out there are doing our darndest to restore the Sith's, uhm, good name? I mean, seriously, when is the last time you saw Sidious or Vader chilling in a bar, or hitting up the hoes? Robot Chicken/Eddie Izzard stand-up videos do NOT count!
"Weakling! You will never reach your potential if you falter at the slightest obstacle. Beyond that wall lies your destiny. Beyond that wall lies the full power of the dark side. If you do not have the strength to reach it, then you do not deserve to become a Sith sorcerer!"