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I'll be honest, Uluain, I always wondered if the Guild Summit announcement referred to "this year" as being the year of 2012 (January to December) or being a twelve month period starting at some as-of-yet unannounced point. One has the potential to disappoint us in December and the other has the ability to keep us in suspended disappointment, with jam every other day.
From the context, I always thought they meant 2012. But if it takes until next March to do it right, I'd prefer that to something rushed. If they do overshoot the target date, however, I will feel a substantive update taking on some of our longstanding, still unanswered questions would be opportune. My most optimistic guess is that this could come with Makeb, but we'll see.

That said, knowing that we still know what we know, I'll try to collate what's still up in the air so we can string it up again and beat it like a piņata until candy comes out.