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I'm not saying I don't understand why you want it. I understand completely. It makes sense that bounty hunters be able to hunt targets but from a balancing standpoint it simply is not a good idea.
Personally I don't care about player bounties. It worked in SWG's timeline because originally there was not supposed to be 'that many' jedi running around. So it made sense that they would be hunted. IMO it doesn't fit into this game because there are way to many ways to get out of it (from a targets pov) you could switch instances, get onto your ship, go to your factions controlled worlds, many options to control the field as a member of the hunted,

I personally loved the tools used by bounty hunters in swg to track their targets, and would love to see that added to this game only in the sense to track NPC's. And yes I do feel that we need something that makes our class actually feel like you are a bounty hunter. However player bounties is not the answer I am looking for.