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Because there is so much disparity on what constitutes a valid need roll and what doesn't the best thing to do in the case of random group makeup is to establish loot rules PRIOR to the killing of the first boss.

There are plenty of people (myself included) that believe needing on the biometric crystal alloy is fine so long as you intend to use it in crafting an item (whether it is for you or someone else). However some people believe greeding is the only thing acceptable for crafting mats.

Best thing to do is establish loot rules prior to start. If someone has a problem they can leave.
I don't care who you are. I don't care if you are male, or female, black, or white, gay, or straight, religious, or non-religious, old or young. I care about 3 things. Can you tank properly? Can you DPS properly? Can you heal properly?