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09.07.2012 , 02:29 AM | #23
Similar issues.

The fps drops like a brick in various areas.
Some places the performance is as it should be.

Example if i'm on my ship the fps is close to 100.
On planets it will in "open areas" drop to 20 or below that.
However in enclosed areas the peformance goes up abit(like the cave for the daily lvl 50 to collect the 3 pieces, assemble and get the box)

Just a suggestion to the yellowtext poster :
* alot of people respond to "post your dxdiag" in the way that your implying something is wrong with our system, a small information telling us "why its vital to post" as in to track what is makeing this occur would be a good idea.

The thing I find abit puzzling is that some toons I dont experience this with at all(could be based on planets or things(clutter in areas that will drop performance?)
Smuggler on corouscant the fps there is "ok" or as I usually have 60+
My sith warrior on same server : under 20fps, makeing me get nauscias(motion sickness from playing)