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Just addressing the Kaliyo issue and why I'm frustrated about people's insistence that she is bisexual:

Bioware have pulled the bait and switch thing before. Her name is Jack. You might be familiar with her, but to give you an idea of the sort of character I'm talking about - Kaliyo is effectively her expy. Jack is ostensibly straight, despite one canon same sex (in a threesome with a guy) encounter in her past.

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Yes, yes, it could still be that she's just that manipulative, is totally straight and not into women at all aside from being willing to sleep with them and make them fall in love with her, but that seems like reaching and I'm not sure why the reach. Why not just go with Occam's Razor, in this case the simplest explanation being that she's bisexual.
Actually, the simplest explanation is that we can't assume anything about her sexuality until she (or her writers) actually tell us.
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