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Ah! I had not gotten that far in my Agent's story (so thanks for marking the spoiler, though I did read it). I still think given Kaliyo's MO, it is ambiguous - though she's clearly at least able to make a very convincing show. Which again confirms that such things are commonplace enough that the "target" would not find the approach suspicious on that basis alone.

I do agree with Zandilar however that some ordinary, even wholesome, NPCs demonstrating affection toward their own sex would be a good counterbalance to the trope mentioned. Orientation has unfortunately been used as a convenient shorthand for moral depravity in science-fiction for a long time. One prominent example that comes to mind is Baron Harkonnen. Breaking this expectation with, for example, Corso Riggs who is so plainly a nice guy could turn the cliché in a satisfying manner. I know a lot of gay and bi people, and none of them are Jeffrey Dahmer.