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I write this on behalf of all 3 Oceanic servers. Due to the sheer lack of population; doing any type of gameplay be it PvP, PvE or good old messing about on fleet is damn near impossible. Right now at 2:30 pm here in New Zealand there are 4 people on the republic fleet, FOUR. At peak its around 40-50. PvP takes an hour to pop then insta-finishes due to low team numbers and the only way you can get flashpoints/operations/ranked-warzones going is be cross-merging guilds and filling them up that way.

Please at least acknowledge that there is an issue and let us know what you are doing to fix it, whethers its merging all 3 servers, merging two, transfering us all to US servers or whatever it is, please just let us know.

The longer you leave us in the dark, the more tempting it is to just call it quits and go to another game that we can actually play. We need to know.

I am posting this here because the devs/mods/admins need to see it, and they need to know what is happening and none of us on the server are getting any replies in any other thread from anyone at EA or Bioware.
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