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Sorry this is a bit late and a bit off topic of the new information and I can't for the life of me find the original post >_<
Well, there have only been 6,200 posts or so here over the past eight-plus months. I can't imagine why you couldn't come across it. In seriousness, don't worry about it. Returning to such previous points as things occur to us is something of a thread tradition.

I vaguely remember someone on here complaining ... that of course we'd bring up EU to "validate" the use, even though EU doesn't really matter...

Uhm... can I point out that this is EU too? ...Next time someone says EU doesn't matter, remember that we're playing a game that is EU.
A good point and a rebuttal that is hard to refute. Should such arguments arise again, I am sure to use it myself.

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Sorry if saying Kaliyo was obviously bisexual upset anyone - I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek, though I maintain the hints are there - along with the recollection that she and some other companions were originally being written to have SGR romance options earlier on.
Of course, being just a video game character, she is whatever the writers write her to be....and that can be subject to change.
Good of you to apologize for any hard feelings, but it is certainly one way of reading the conversations Kaliyo has. Whatever interpretation one puts on why she says it, Kaliyo certainly seems to indicate that lovers could be of either gender, which at least acknowleges that same-sex affection is by no means an unheard of occurence in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. So I think whatever the character herself is or is not, Kaliyo is totally germane to the SGR discussion.