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09.06.2012 , 06:06 PM | #19

I almost pulled down my last chapter cause it's dumb.....but I changed some of it instead, I'm less "ewww" about it now. I may still pull it down. I wish I could go play some TOR but the hubs is upgrading our computers, and it is now currently in pieces on the basement floor. So all I can do is re-read my stupid chapter, thinking of ways to make it better. Why did I post it???

I'm feeling the way I do when I buy bring it home, try it on......then hate it, when I loved it at the store. When I originally posted it, I was feeling pretty good about it. Then I put my kids to bed, rocking my little guy to sleep my mind start going "Ava would NOT have done that! Why did she do that? it makes no sense?"

"Yes, yes she would have, cause she's Ava, and she smart, and if she went through with it she would die, and I don't want to kill her."

"Well you sure didn't explain it well, cause those words explaining it, suck. Make it better, or go back to the original."

"You suck!"

Nice gonna fix it?

"grumble, yes, I'll fix it."

One last thing....the coloured fonts, stop it, it doesn't suit you

"Your face doesn't suit you"