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Could you consider doing something original? Like I always dreamed of? Pretty please?
Argh this so much this. Alternatively: Fan fiction, you're great and I love you, but now all my original ideas have gone on the backburner. Although I suppose that's okay, since right now I'm in the "all my ideas suck!" phase of Vesaniae's Cycle of Ideas (TM).

Writing, I love you dearly, but sometimes it feels like I'm trying to push a square peg through a round hole. I stare at the page and the words, they do not write. Also, dear writing, I would like to be able to produce stuff just a little faster...please?

Dear Afterimages: I am sticking to my outline, dammit! I am not going to spin off into miscellaneous little episodes that only prolong the agony! We are taking an express train to Arc 3 and it's going to be freaking awesome, dammit! Why do I keep getting sidetracked by more ideas?!?! Now all I want to write is crazy hilarious stuff with Nox and Ravage, and it's all irishfino's fault! blaaarrrghhh and this other damn idea won't leave my head. But Afterimages is going to have a sequel! It needs a sequel! I even have a title for it which is only slightly less dumb than "Afterimages" and in fact consists the word "afterimages" followed by a colon and another word!

Why am I so tempted to just LOLSPOILER the entire thing? Oh, I can't wait to get to Arc 3, I can't wait! Except I have no idea what is going to happen when I get there because I have an end but no build up to that end! Oh, well. At least I have an epilogue. ALREADY WRITTEN, YEAAAAH!!!

Oh, and bright_ephemera, I think your name is awesome.
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