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09.06.2012 , 03:21 PM | #262
What more people who are asking for a nerf to denova are saying is nerf sm denova for casual players. However, they dont seem to realize that when you nerf normal mode it makes hard and nightmare mode easier as well, not directly but everyone has easier access to better loot. This in and of itself makes it far easier to do hard mode.

As for having fun, you can have fun without doing the newest content RIGHT AWAY. It takes time to get to, thats why guilds call it progression. You dont start with downing illidan then do karazhan (for my bc wow buddies on here). The biggest problem in other mmos, namely wow, was the sheer amount of people needed to complete a raid was 25-40 people. They eliminated that problem here with 16 man raids which is by all means very puggable. It may mean waiting till people have cleared the content and know how to down the bosses and have some of the loot already, but its more than doable for casual players, especially when you can auto-pug 8 man kp and ev story modes...

Im not saying denova is easy, but its not so insanely hard that casual players cant do it. People pug it on my server on a regular basis. I never saw anyone succesfully pug black temple and, forgive my language, people didnt ***** this much about it.

The whole point of raiding is to have a goal to attain. When you eliminate that goal whats left? Weekly farming? Leveling more characters? Thats when swtor will truly lose its customers, when there is nothing left to do, not when you have to try a little to get something done.