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Well... great post OP. A very pertinent question. And... I could write multiple walls of text on the matter, but rather then bore you guys, I'd like to add the following general observation.

Some are dissatisfied with the branching and choices you can make and maybe justifiably so. However, if you set aside the story line consequences for a moment, I really like the moral dilemmas and how they are treated in this game. In short, the message seems to be that there are shades of grey. Light and dark side choices don't always make sense. They seem to not fit a realistic choice, and I think that is intended to emphasize that everything isn't always black or white.

For example. I really enjoyed the trooper story and most especially the end. The first pass is confusing, frustrating and unsatisfying. But, without adding any spoilers, I think it really brings home the confusing and frustrating life of a soldier facing moral choices in both extremes and the futility of dealing with a ruling faction whose self interest is amoral at best. Consequently, you are left shaking your head and rightly so.

And for me this captures it. It shows me the real evil in the galaxy stems from the corruption of the ruling politic. And... as good as the Jedi want to be and as bad as the Sith claim to be the failure of both is due to an unfortunate and corrupting element which is quite simply that both sides can't accept the grey areas.

Of course, I realize that this interpretation says more about me in general. But I appreciate those moments in these stories that highlight inconsistencies. I like that you can choose to go against the grain no matter what side you choose. And the futility of it when facing the larger politics of the KOTOR day. Seems more than relevant.