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I play total LS even on my Imp alts; thought that would be tricky but quickly saw they always give you an out (LS option) on what otherwise seem some pretty morally questionable quests, though sometimes what passes for a LS choice on the Imp side might initally leave you scratching your head although, if you think about them, they do kind of make sense from an Imp stand point.

What I've found interesting, however, is seeing some of the same situations from both side's perspectives. I'm thinking particularly of the one on Belsavis involving some Rep officials doing <blah blah blah>. Playing LS Rep, you find the situation repugnant. On the Imp side, they merely discuss this incident in passing but express condemnation for the Rep's actions. I'm unsure if the Imps are actually expressing moral outrage over something (imagine that!) or are simply presenting it as anti-Rep propoganda.

Of course, there are venal Reps as well as decent Imps, so a lot of ambiguity to ponder over.
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