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From my understanding from reading the post about the changes to CC, is that overlapping CC will not fill the resolve as it did in the past.

For example: 2 people use 4 second stuns at the same time. 4 second stuns fill the resolve bar 4/5 bars. Essentially stacking them both will automatically fill resolve. That was a very poor system. They're changing it to prevent overlapping stuns that fill resolve.

Now here is the question.
Difference between stun and incapacitate:
Stun means taking damage doesn't break the CC. Incapacitate breaks on damage
2second stuns (Ops(ops are 1.5s but fill resolve like 2sec)/assasins/Pts) fill the resolve bar 2/5 so you can stack 2 back to back and still not fill resolve.
3 sec stuns (Juggs/Mara) Not 100% sure but pretty sure it fills 3/5
4 second stuns Fill the resolve bar 4/5, almost all classes except jugg/maras have a STATIC 4 sec stun w/o having to spec or gear for it.

Incapacitate: break on damage
awes: 6 second
Cybertech: 4 seconds
Forcelift/whirlwind: 8 seconds
mindmaze/traqdart/sap: 8 seconds
Flashbang - 8 seconds
Merc/commando (can't remember the name, concussive....) - 8 second
Tele Sages bubble (3 sec)

The way the game is right now you can use two 2 second stuns and still not fill resolve and use a 4 second stun after that for maximum stun time. 8 Second stun Or you can use two 4 second stuns and have the same effect. 2 and 3 second stuns fill resolve as well as 3 and 4 second stuns. But overlapping stuns will yield a lower stun time. Usually a maximum of 4-5 seconds. 5 Seconds of stun usually mean a full resolve time. The exception to this rule is 2 vanguards with 3 second aoe stuns which only full resolve 2 bars.

So if someone is running around freely, they should recieve the FULL DURATION stun WITH the full resolve. But this is where it can become broken.

a) a 2 second stun overlapped by a 4 second stun, which takes precedence? Which take dominance? 6 seconds of stun should always fill resolve.
b)a 2 second stun overlapped with a 4 second stun 1 second after the 2 second stun was activated. If the 4 second stun takes precidence, does the resolve add like a 5 second stun and fill resolve?

I'd like to see the existing Stun take precedence while the 2nd stun is rendered useless.

But this next scenario would work better: In the case of a weaker stun followed by a stronger stun, I'd like to see something like this: The stronger stun takes precedence but only fills the resolve of the difference between the stuns. For example: An existing 2 second stun overlapped by a 4 second stun should only fill 2 bars. If a player is only stunned for 1 out of the 2 seconds before the 4 second stun was applied, then the 4 second stun should only add 3 seconds from that point and add the difference between the resolve bars, which is 2/5 for the total of 4 seconds as 2/5 bars is already in play with the preceding 2 second stun. Total stun time 4 seconds, total resolve 4/5.

There should also be a diminishing return on how much resolve is filled during a duration of a stun. The D/R should be EXTREMELY HIGH at the beginning of a stun, but SIGNIFICANTLY lower towards the end or at the end of a stun duration. If two people overlap stuns at the same time, the added resolve should be none or next to nothing. And as the stun duration continues, decrease the DR.

Also what are your plans on people overlapping incapacitates with stuns? like a flash bang and a stun simultaneously?