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09.06.2012 , 01:04 PM | #59
I tend to make characters that build stuff. Therefore, I tend to hoard materials. I'd rather manufacture items out of them than sell the raw materials. I build items for sale, for my Alts, and for friends and guildies.

So my top 3 annoyances...

1. Slicers that sell sliced tech parts and augment schematics for such a ridonkulously high price that no crafter in their right mind would ever buy those to manufacture augments. As a result, there's a drastic shortage of decently priced augments at all levels, but especially low levels. It makes it so you're much better off to just make an Alt that farms sliced tech for you than ever buy anything.

2. People that make items of all descriptions that are meant for starting characters then sell them for thousands and thousands of credits more than they are actually worth. This is just stupidity, because what you're trying for is people with a level 50 main character that has more money than brains, who is willing to give you 25K, even 50K for some item that their Alt will have outgrown in about 3 hours of questing. But if you're a new player, it means that you have no means of actually using the GTN to buy better gear for yourself because everything is too expensive.

3. People that sell crafitng missions for such an exhorbitant amount that it's foolish to ever consider buying them. Yes, artifact grade materials for crafting are rare and a pain to get the "hard" way unless you roll lucky. But if I can easily run 10-20 level 6 gathering missions myself for the price of one "rare" mission on the GTN, then something's wrong. In those 20 missions I'll get what I need plus a bunch of "blues" to make lots of stuff to build and sell.