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09.06.2012 , 12:49 PM | #556
This whole thing just signals the end of my SWTOR subscription. I tried to hold on and remain loyal while they shifted to the F2P, in the hopes that the drive to capture the revenue possibilities and numbers that market would avail to the game MIGHT end up in quality improvements and sound decisions based on factual interpretations of actual player input and the relevant data generated by game play, but after reading this non-sense it seems that BioWare is just total off in the woods with no a phk'n clue of what they are doing, where they should be focusing their attention and what they should be working on. Maybe they'll endure a similar fate to LOTR or DDO and stumble / fall then stand up and take strides, but without a doubt it'll be minus my supporting $$$$. ><

such a shame too. . ..