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09.06.2012 , 11:30 AM | #30
On a related note, is there any way to alter the mechanics of "return to med center" in Flashpoints? As it is, if you fall to your death where nobody can revive you, or if your group wipes, returning to the nearest med center gives you a loading screen that teleports you outside of the instance, whether to the Fleet or Ilum or wherever your FP starts, and then you have to turn right back around and walk back into the instance, immediately triggering another loading screen.

Perhaps a medical droid could be placed right at the beginning of every flashpoint, the way they often are on those "between-planet" instances for class missions. That way you could still have to go back to the beginning of the FP, but without two back-to-back load screens.

Also, some FP's have a pretty long walk from where you re-enter the instance to where you're trying to get. The Battle of Ilum is particularly nasty for this, as groups I'm in usually tend to die at the first pair of bosses. When we die there, we get back in at the speeder pad, pretty far back. Perhaps Flashpoints could get a "catch-up" speeder like Operations currently have, that would just fly you to whatever boss fight or other quest stage you're currently in front of.