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I think something happens for this season. I can only imagine one of two things right now.

A) Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan come under attack by Darth Maul and Savage Oppress. Ahsoka intercepts a killing blow from Savage meant for Anakin and is instead killed by it rather than parrying it. In a rage Anakin tries to break passed Maul to get to Savage, however in a rare hate-filled moment, Obi-Wan attacks and kills Savage. Which, in turn, drives Maul into a rage, bringing the remaining three into a stalemate until something happens and Maul is forced to retreat and once more swear his revenge against Obi-Wan.

B) Anakin does something, acting in a blind rage, and kills someone in front of Ahsoka. She is so shocked, disgusted and confused by what she witnessed that she seeks guidance from the Jedi Council, only to have them Forgive Anakin's actions, which only confuses her further and drives her to lose faith in the Jedi she had believed to be about Justice and honesty, and faith in her master Anakin, and leaves the Jedi Order for parts unknown.
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