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After reading the blog again, I can say that Bioware doesn't understand pvp at all. "We’ve also made adjustments to the Resolve system in Game Update 1.4. We’ve adjusted the gain logic of Resolve such that simultaneous and overlapping control effects no longer linearly add together their Resolve gain values. Instead, using a crowd control ability on an already controlled target now applies reasonable Resolve gain values by comparing the incoming control effect to the greatest of existing control effects." So now the resolve bar will take even LONGER to fill up so chain stunning will be even more prevalent then it is now. The bottom line is that it is WAY to many CCs / stuns in this game. They call this improving the resolve system allowing more stuns to occur before your resolve system fills up... I believe that they honestly don't know *** they're doing.

The class changes aren't that bad.

Mercs / Commandos are getting a well deserved and much needed buff. They were the only class without an interrupt which was quite unfair. I'm glad that Bioware is buffing the dps trees to make Mercs/ Commandos more viable giving them more kiting capabilities increasing their survival; immbolizations etc.

The Sorcerer buffs are intriguing (my main). The force speed reduced CD is great and all but this this vastly increases our survivability (from a healing standpoint) ten fold being able to kite even better then we can now. Honestly, I don't think it was needed it. The instant heal is something we've never quite had (resurgence purpose is only to enhance other abilities). A 30 second CD is reasonable I guess because it's not something I believe we need. FADEOUT- now this talent is a GIFT FROM GOD. Being rooted when you force speed not being able to widen the gap between you and your attacker / attackers to escape can easily result in your doom lol. This prevents carnage marauders ravage, snipers knock back and leg shot, and Lightning Sorcs knock back (it could be a few others I'm forgetting). This move is amazing but ALSO COMBINED with having a 20 second force speed CD is having WAY too much mobility IMO. The 10 yard electrocute nerf sucks imo. We are a ranged class and if our interrupt jolt can reach a target, so should our electrocute. I can't say much about polarity shift because that doesn't change the state of sorc dps. Backlash will be annoying.

For the people complaining about the Merc/ Commando and Sorc/Sage knockback nerf, it's NOT hard to MOUSE turn. With all these classes having a 360 AOE knockback unintentionally making good plays was whack. Turn around to knock back, it's not difficult.

So far, overall over the course of my 9 month tenure. I've seen Bioware drive this game into the dirt patch after patch. They are taking the opposite steps to actually fix this game and after reading the resolve changes, I can confirm that they don't have a *********** clue.

What they need to do:

1. First and foremost, fix the hero engine so we can finally have smooth and gameplay instead of this choppy mess.

2. Add a diminishing return system like WoW (before trying to balance classes) so this game won't be STUNwars.

3. After the hero engine is fixed and this game can take mass amounts of ppl in the same area unlike Ilum, implement world pvp with APPEALING incentives and some type of 5 v 5 arena or smaller group based pvp ranking system that requires less then 8 ppl to get an organized group.

4. Give pvers whatever it is that they need. This is the first mmo where I haven't been interested to get into organized raids. Something is just missing and it blows imo.


Instead of directly trying to fix the known problems, Bioware is trying to get more subs going F2P. They need to worry about fixing the game 1st and patch after patch, I fail to see how they plan to improve. I've watched this game for 3 years waiting for it to come out believe in all the EA hype hoping it dethroned WoW because I wanted a breathe of fresh air. EA rushed the game out during the highest point of hype to generate the max amount of revenue and tossed this game out for release before the hero engine was finished and this game is still suffering from that.

From a pvper stand point, ONE BILLION warzones were played during the 1st month of the game. I'm not saying leave pvers in the dust but THAT is your money right there. Each patch they left pvpers in the dust. 1.1, Ilum was already horribly designed trading nodes and aoe fest as world pvp. They took that from us completely and now we have no world pvp period )not to mention the hero engine couldn't handle Ilum). 1.2 they falsely promulgated ranked warzones. They pulled ranked warzones from the patch 6 hours before it went live. LOADS of ppl who quit the game came back JUST for ranked. How in the world can can these professional developers find out SIX hours before the patch that major content isn't ready for launch?? In that time frame between though two patches, over 500k ppl quit. Pretty sure a lot of them were pvpers.

I try to be optimistic about this game and hope it makes a turn around. I DO openly bash this game but it's out of resentment because of the level of disappointment I have went through. I've stuck around this long but they seem to continually go in the wrong direction and the resolve changes are just plan retarded. I can't even believe that they posted that up as if it was really an improvement and they are professionals... If any game could of dethroned WoW, it was this game. Star Wars has the largest fan base of any franchise in the world and EA along with Biowares horrible decision making seems to continue to drive this game into the dirt.
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